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oke , this is first tutorial how to listen radio station on windows and winamp. but i hav post How To listen radio streaming on WMP and WINAMP , now this is it her you can find your favourite radio station , and play live on you player :)

87.6 Hard Rock FM Jakarta (Webcast)

Mustang 88 FM Jakarta (Webcast)
(Winamp) or (Windows Media Player) icyx:// or

88.4 FM Global Radio Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

88.8 FM RRI Pro 3 Jakarta (Winamp) or

89.6 FM I-Radio Jakarta (Webcast)

90 Elshinta FM Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)
90.4 Cosmopolitan FM Jakarta (Webcast)

90.8 FM OZ Radio Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

91.2 FM RRI Pro 1 Jakarta (Winamp)

92.0 Sonora FM Jakarta (Winamp)

92.4 PAS FM Jakarta (Winamp)

92.8 FM RRI Pro 4 Jakarta (Winamp)

93.6 Gaya FM (Winamp) or

93.9 Mersi FM Jakarta (Winamp)

94.3 FM Woman Radio Jakarta (Webcast)

95.1 KIS FM Jakarta (Winamp) or

95.5 RAS FM Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

95.9 Smart FM Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

96.3 FM Radio Pelita Kasih Jakarta (Winamp) or

97.1 FM Radio Dangdut Indonesia Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

97.5 FM Motion Radio Jakarta (Winamp)

97.9 FM FeMale Radio Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

98.3 FM Cakrawala Mandarin Station Jakarta (Winamp)

98.7 Gen FM Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

99.1 Delta FM Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

99.5 FM Urban RKM Jakarta (Winamp)

99.9 FM Ninetyniners Jakarta (Winamp)

100.3 FM Elgangga Bekasi (Winamp)

100.6 FM Heartline Karawaci (Winamp)

101 Jak FM Jakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

101.4 Trax FM Jakarta (Webcast)

101.8 Bahana FM Jakarta (Winamp) (Windows Media Player) icyx://

102.2 FM Prambors Jakarta (Webcast)

102.6 FM Camajaya Jakarta (Winamp)

103 POP FM Depok (Winamp)

103.4 Radio DFM Jakarta (Winamp)

103.8 FM Brava Radio Jakarta (Webcast)

104.2 MS Tri FM Jakarta (Winamp)

104.6 FM Sindo Trijaya Jakarta
(Webcast) or (Winamp)
105 FM RRI Pro 2 Jakarta (Winamp)

105.4 FM Radio CBB Jakarta

105.8 Lite FM Jakarta (Winamp) or

106.2 FM Bens Radio Jakarta

106.6 FM V Radio Jakarta (Winamp)

107 Dakta FM Bekasi

87.9 FM Arma Sebelas Radio Dangdut Indonesia Jogjakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

88.3 FM Radio-Q Jogjakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

88.7 FM I-Radio Jogja (Webcast) (Winamp)
89.1 FM Bantul Radio (Winamp)

89.5 Jiz FM Jogja (Webcast)

90.3 Sasando FM Jogjakarta (Webcast)

90.7 UTY FM Medari Jogja (Webcast)

91.1 FM RRI Pro 1 Jogjakarta (Webcast) or
92.3 MQFM Jogjakarta (Winamp)

92.70 MBS FM Jogja (Webcast)

94.6 FM Radio Kotaperak Jogjakarta (Webcast)

95.4 Yasika FM Jogja (Webcast)

95.8 FM Prambors Jogja (Webcast) (Winamp) or

96.2 FM Istakalisa Jogjakarta (Winamp) or

97.0 FM Sindo Trijaya Jogja (Webcast) (Winamp) or

97.4 Sonora FM Jogjakarta (Webcast)

97.8 FM EMC Star Family Jogjakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

98.6 GCD FM Jogja (Webcast)

99.4 FM Retjo Buntung Jogjakarta (Webcast) or (Winamp)

100.5 FM Impact Station Jogjakarta (Webcast)

100.9 FM Jogja Family (Webcast) (Winamp) or

101.3 FM Star Jogja (Webcast)

101.7 Swaragama FM Jogja (Winamp)
(Webcast) or

102.1 eltiRa FM Jogjakarta (Webcast)

102.5 FM RRI Pro 2 Jogjakarta (Webcast) or

102.9 FM RRI Pro 3 Jogjakarta (Webcast) or

103.7 Delta FM Jogja (Winamp)

104.1 Ardia FM Jogja (Webcast)

104.5 FM Unisi Radio Jogjakarta (Webcast)
(Winamp) or

105.3 FM Rakosa Female Jogja (Webcast) (Winamp)

105.7 Petra FM Jogja (Winamp) or (Webcast)

106.1 FM Geronimo Jogja (Webcast) (Winamp)

106.9 FM Global Jogjakarta (Webcast)

107.2 FM KR Radio Jogjakarta (Webcast) (Winamp)

107.7 Saka FM Kauman, DIY (Winamp)

Setelah daftar URL untuk streaming stasiun radio di DIY tadi sudah cukup, saya buat daftar URL untuk streaming stasiun radio di Bandung.

87.7 Hard Rock FM Bandung (Winamp)

88.5 FM Radio Mora Jabar, Bandung (Winamp)

88.9 FM Auto Radio Bandung (Winamp) or

89.7 FM Global Radio Bandung (Webcast)

90.5 FM Radio Cakra Bandung (Winamp)

90.9 Lita FM Bandung (Winamp)

91.3 FM Sindo Trijaya Bandung (Winamp)

91.7 FM CBL Bandung (Winamp)
/01._bandung_CBL917FM_MONO.m3u or
/01._bandung_CBL917FM_STEREO.m3u (Webcast)

92.5 Maestro FM Bandung (Winamp)

93.7 FM Paramuda Bandung (Winamp)

94.1 FM Qyu Radio Bandung (Winamp)

94.4 Delta FM Bandung (Winamp)

94.8 FM Radio ON Bandung (Winamp)

95.6 FM Radio B Bandung (Winamp) (Windows Media

96.0 FM RRI Pro 2 Bandung (Winamp) 96.0 FM RRI Pro 2 Bandung (Winamp)

96.4 Bobotoh FM Bandung (Winamp) or

96.8 Kencana FM Bandung (Winamp)

97.6 FM RRI Pro 1 Bandung (Winamp)

98.4 FM Prambors Bandung (Winamp) or

98.8 Raka FM Bandung (Winamp)

99.6 FM Radio Dangdut Indonesia bandung (Winamp)

100 FM Ninetyniners Bandung (Winamp)

100.4 FM KLCBS Bandung (Winamp) or (Webcast)

101.1 FM MGT Radio Bandung (Webcast) (Winamp)

101.5 FM Radio Dahlia Bandung (Winamp)

101.9 FM Radio Cosmo Bandung (Winamp) (Windows Media Player)

102.3 Rase FM Bandung (Winamp)

102.7 MQFM Bandung (Winamp) (Webcast)

103.1 FM OZ Radio Bandung (Webcast) (Winamp) or

103.9 FM HITZ Radio Bandung (Winamp)

104.7 FM Rama Bandung (Winamp)

105.1 FM I-Radio Bandung (Webcast)

105.9 Ardan FM Bandung (Winamp)

106.3 FM Urban Radio Bandung (Winamp)

107.1 K-Lite FM Bandung (Winamp)

107.5 PRFM Bandung (Winamp) (Webcast)

107.8 kPass FM Bandung (Winamp)

107.9 aLFa FM Bandung (Winamp)

how to play with WINAMP or WMP? here you can check the tutorial How To listen radio streaming on WMP and WINAMP

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